School and What it Taught us; Or Not

If you are reading this, I know I can place my bets on facts such as that you have gone to school. But again, that’s an obvious one. A less obvious one however; there are things you are learning in life that school had nothing to do with. Based on how weighty that one is, I am still willing to place my bets.

Here’s a simple challenge; get a piece of paper, and a pen of course, and write down 5 things you think school should have taught you, that I may have not included here. Feel free to post a few on the comments section below as well.

School has been some sort of den that forces people to memorize facts, and punishes them for forgetting them. School teaches facts. Life is far from facts. Life is about realities, lessons and consequences. School has lessons as well. Sure. But it’s never about the lessons, correct me if I’m wrong. School doesn’t teach you how to live life. It doesn’t teach you how to maintain healthy relationships. It doesn’t teach you what to do when you mess up in some area in life because it didn’t even teach you what that area is about in the first place, and what you need to do about it. But this is no piece against school and its models of teaching. On the contrary, it is one to complement its teachings and add on to what it left out in its many stages.

1.     You Can Always Do Something

School may have not taught us of plan B’s or C’s, but life can teach you that the hard way. When things go wrong in whatever, whenever and however, there’s always something alternative you can or should do. Reality is about learning how to deal with the curved stones, not just avoiding them. There’s always something you can do, no matter how great or small, about whichever the situation. Find your place and do what you can.

2.     Nobody Has All the Answers

Not even you. Another thing school should have mentioned as it demanded them from us. Nobody knows everything; and it is perfectly okay to say, “I don’t know”. How much would we have saved if we only learnt to say that? It is hard to admit it, but unfortunately it is as it is. You don’t have all the answers. No one does. We are at a period when everybody and everything is trying to provide answers for everything, making it harder to say “I don’t know”. But the harder it is, the more it is valued. Remember, always. “I don’t have all the answers.”

3.     You’d Rather Deal, Than Avoid

We all probably know that avoiding a problem doesn’t necessarily make it go away right? (Did school teach us that though?) It would be better even finding a temporary solution to a problem than avoiding it. It almost always comes back haunting you. And what are the chances that avoiding only makes things worse? Don’t wait until it’s broken for you to fix it. I know it always worked studying when you have an exam, (I know cause it always did for me) but life won’t tell you it’s an exam. Ignorance is not always bliss. Don’t avoid it; take care of it.

And 4…

Be patient. Always. Remember good things take time. And hard work. Endure and learn from the process. Choose yourself instead of being a prisoner of other people’s thoughts or opinions.  Choose what you need over what you want. Do what you love over what you ‘have to’. The success rates are greater then. Find one thing you value a lot, then go crazy over making it happen, then write back to me. Know who you are and stop at nothing to go after what you believe in. And do always remember; life moves on. What school failed to teach you, learn from others, learn from the process; learn from yourself.

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