What Next After Campus?

First of all I notice that there are two approaches to having finished campus. There’s the ‘I have graduated, what next’ part of finishing campus; and there’s the ‘I have finished campus but I’m yet to graduate’ part of finishing campus. Coming to think of it, they’re almost similar, so I think this article would apply to both.

So now you have finally closed the chapter on books, probably to begin another chapter soon or to close that book and begin another one altogether. For whichever the case; where do you start from?

First, you have to be aware or take note of the fact that you are now actually free. You have no classes to worry about, no assignments to do, CATS to study last minute for; there’s none of those. In exchange of those you have free time, more free time, more more free time, a little broke but more free time, etc. Keep that in mind. That you have a lot of time, and you need to take advantage of it. Use that time to start doing the part-time job you couldn’t because you had school. Take that time to expand your resource base by enrolling to some short course to develop yourself. Do whatever resourceful thing you made an excuse for when you had school and assignments. Don’t just sit and waste time waiting for the companies’ calls for your job applications. Do something productive.

Secondly, use your interests, instead of doing nothing waiting to be called in for interviews. There gets to that point where you’ve sent applications, no one seems to be responding; you’ve enrolled to 500 job sites, and no vacancy is there for a position you can work in, and you’re wondering what you will do to make ends meet. Worry not. See the tiny little thing you’re good at? Drawing, writing, singing and the likes? Well you could convert it into a useful resource that could work for you, and how better to get remunerated for what you do than to get remunerated doing what you love, right? Get to know your interests and find a way of converting them into a source of income or a valuable resource.

Get your time and a few of your other resources out there. As much as you’re looking to get a stable source of income, start from volunteering and applying for internships. They may not get you the money you need to kick start your life after campus, but how else do you think people get the 50 years’ experience that top hiring companies ask for in their top vacant positions? Use this time to gain experience and as much as for a start it may seem expensive, it will definitely be worth it later on in life. Be intentional in putting your time out there to help you gain experience, skills and more knowledge about the area in the job-market you are going into.

Finally, you could work on building yourself up in preparation for the corporate world. Whether it is through a personal development course, personal development summits, whatever it is that could work to help build yourself up. That would be a good starting point. Enroll in them all and work on building yourself. That would give you a competitive advantage over the rest of the million people applying for the same jobs you are.

*Note; this article may contain a lot of hyperbole. Readers should understand that some time somewhere we’ll need to apply some of the things literature taught us; back in school.


  1. Solomon

    A very informative and inspiring message there.thanks for that.

    1. EstherK Author

      Thank you. I’m glad it is, and you’re welcome too.


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