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Everyone these days wants to be successful. No, everyone always wants to be successful; and the pressure around doesn’t make things any easier. Nothing really seems to be easy these days actually. One constant thing however; everyone wants to succeed. I’m yet to find someone who doesn’t want to make it in life. Everyone does want to make it and be successful. This article therefore looks to provide some nuggets and ‘tidbits’ about success, being successful and making it in life.

  1. Being successful takes work

Obviously by now, no one doesn’t recognize the fact that success would definitely take hard work. Nothing good comes easy ay? This therefore is just a reminder; that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Keep at it. Hard work pays. There’s however a disclaimer to that. All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Once in a while it is advisable to take a break and enjoy your success. First of all you can’t be productive if you’re all worked up every day. Second, why are you working all that anyway if you won’t take the time to enjoy it? You ain’t guaranteed life everyday; you get to live. So enjoy your successes and hard work frequently.

  1. Your approach to failures eventually determines your success

How you deal with failures does determine your success. People fall down. We all fall down at some point. But do you get up after you fall; or do you stay down? Do you look at the block that made you fall and intend to watch out for it next time, or do you ignore it? Failures are grounds to learn. People’s failures, your failures, all just temporary setbacks and learning experiences. If there’s any advice here, it’s that every single time you fail, is an opportunity the universe gives you to learn something new, so embrace failures. They are definitely more than just stumbling blocks.

  1. If you want to succeed, you definitely have to value relationships.

So, if you’ve been following our posts recently, you know that it’s mostly been about relationships. And don’t get it wrong. I’m not trying to be a relationship expert here. It’s how important these things are. Loyalty should be like your currency. Friendships, relationships (professional ones), networks; these things do come in handy. You need them to succeed. You need people to help you in the journey; people who will help you back up when you fall, people who will advise you, people who will be keys to opportunities, you need everyone! No. Not literally but you get it. As much as possible, meet people, establish loyal networks and relationships, value people. They will all be of help somewhere somehow.

  1. Successful people always pursue opportunities

One thing with successful people (depending on your definition of success), is that they are ‘go-getters’. They pursue any opportunity they see coming their way. Neither do they give up when things get rough. They also don’t just keep pondering about stuff. Once you have an idea (that is viable or reasonable), go with it. The more you keep thinking about it doesn’t get it any more done than it is in your head. Thinking about things much doesn’t get anything done. Put your first foot forward. Make the first step and watch how things unfold. Again, learn as you proceed. You’d better fail when trying than not trying at all and keep having the ‘what if’ thoughts in your head.

We could go on and on about success, but that isn’t the intention here. The intention is to spark something somewhere or have something that will get someone back on the track to making things work for themselves. Don’t give up when things get tough. Anything good or worth it takes time and effort, but will totally be worth it in the end. So keep on keeping on and have your bravest face on! 🙂

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