Keys to Skill Efficiency

In whatever sphere of life, we will all get to a point where we’ll need to apply either one of our skills or abilities. It would however be quite unfortunate when such times come and we have no clue on what to do or what skill to apply where, leave alone not even having any of the skills needed then.

While we could sit and wait for us to come to that point and cross that bridge when we get there, we could also choose to use one of the following ways to prepare ourselves for crossing the bridge before we get there:

  1. Take note of skills you’re learning from wherever you are

From wherever you are currently, be it in school, or you are working, there are some skills you are learning while you do what you do. You could be learning good communication skills, presentation skills, public speaking, time-keeping (if it is a skill that is), or whatever else. There are a whole lot of skills you could be learning from wherever you are. They may not be screaming right to your face, but that is why you should be attentive and take note of whatever skill you may be learning from whatever you are currently doing.

  1. Work on those skills you are learning

Once you identify whatever skill/s you are learning from wherever you are, work on it/them. Implement them, in an effort to perfect them and include them on the list of skills you have. Use them and engage them. Otherwise what would be the point of taking note of skills you have if you’re not going to use them anyway right?

  1. Get courses that can help you acquire some skills

On the other hand, if you seem to be convinced that you are not learning anything ‘skilly’ from whatever you are currently doing, you can try enrolling on some courses or training that will eventually equip you with one or two of those. I believe there’s a whole ton of things the internet can provide; useful things. You can enroll on some online courses that’ll help you gain a skill you believe you don’t have and may need. I’m positive there’s a course probably for any skill you want to acquire; (unless someone proves me wrong). If not, there’s got to be one or two training offered to help you.

  1. Attend summits out to help you acquire skills or expand your skills knowledge-base

Fortunately, for us millennials as most like to call us, we are almost having everything on a silver platter. In my opinion, it’s like everything is being spoon-fed to us. Now apparently we even have people who have dedicated their time and resources to helping equip us with some skills, and even giving us more information on what we need out there, in terms of skills. How better to define spoon-feeding than that? Helping you get whatever you need to help you, help you eventually? Hmm…

Find out about such summits and attend them. Speaking, (or writing for that matter), from experience, you will gain a whole lot!

(In that respect, there’s a skills hunt summit, on 15th of June at KCA. For anyone interested, post a comment below to find out more information).

  1. Take up opportunities that’ll help you apply your skills

Whether it is an internship opportunity to explore or apply the skills you have, or it’s some challenge companies offer like Centum’s ‘Create In 48’ challenge, take up one of these opportunities to help put your skills into use. You’ll be able to apply your skills, probably get more while you’re at it, and also even get exposure to more people, opportunities, etc.

Take advantage of all opportunities you come across that serve to be of benefit to you.

These are just a few of the things you can do to help build up your skills. You reserve the choice to work on building and advancing them, or waiting for the opportunity to come for you to think about getting the necessary skills.

“..what we do or who we become is all about the choices we make..we’ll always have the chance to make our own choices regardless of other influencing factors.”

David Kariuki, CEO, The Glowbal Group East Africa


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  1. Peter Kamore

    I like the article……it is very important that we maximize on our skills and God-given talents.


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