Your Reputation is Costing You That Job

A great professional reputation is fulfilling on its own; It’s great to have people think highly of you. But beyond that, a great reputation can have tangible payoffs, such as job offers, higher salaries, better work assignments and the security of knowing that you’ll have somewhere to go if you decide to move.

Your reputation for being the go-to person and the faith that people have had in you up until now won’t automatically transfer to the people in the corporate world. More often than not, you have to go back to zero and build your reputation from the ground up once again.

You could be a perfect fit for that job you are pursuing but even so, it is necessary to build confidence in your abilities at every stage of the hiring process in order to seal the deal.

But what does it take to do that? Here are some tips to assembling a reputation that will spot you opportunities.

1. Credibility.

You need to demonstrate why you should be taken seriously. Make sure your writing presents a clear message that shows your value. Here’s how:

  • Do not claim expertise, build the case to show you have it
  • Make realistic promises about the work you can produce
  • Back your claimed expertise with the necessary credentials

2. Integrity.

Hardly will anyone outrightly ask you to prove your professional integrity. And you will definitely not say in an interview that you cheated your way there. Yet, many skilled interviewers have the ability to give you enough rope to hang yourself.

  • Be honest enough to admit your flaws when asked for your weakness but do show how you turn them to strengths.
  • Be willing to take your share of responsibility where things didn’t turn out right
  • Do not speak ill of anyone you have worked with/ for in the past.

3. Reliability.

To show that you’ll be reliable in the future, show how you have been reliable in the past. On your résumé, explain what you were mandated to do within what limits, how you went about the task and what you achieved. Everyone would want to hire a candidate who has a record of being reliable on a regular basis.   Establishing and meeting realistic expectations shows that you are reliable. When you tell people what to expect and when to expect it, and then deliver on your promise, you gain a track record of success.


One of the fastest ways to build a strong reputation is to help others out, without expecting anything in return for it. If you spot ways you could help others, offer a hand. Volunteer in organizations or for positive causes. If you have this kind of experience, do not hesitate to include it on your résumé. People who are generous with their time and assistance strengthen the bonds they have with others, and are generally seen as valuable resources.


When you think about it, your reputation precedes you in any job interview. And a good reputation creates a sense of trustworthiness. No one wants to risk hiring someone who hasn’t shown trustworthiness. Frame your stories and résumé to demonstrate this critical characteristic, and you’ll be well on the way to building a long-lasting career.

“The most important thing for a young person is to establish a credit… a reputation, character.” – John D. Rockefeller


David Kariuki is the CEO at Glowbal TechXperts and is the COO at Jobplus Kenya

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