Job Searching and the Internet

So you’re looking for a job huh? Such is the story for the nearly 4 of every 10 Kenyans of working age. Nearly 4 in every 10 Kenyans of working age have no jobs; some recent reports say.

But from where are you looking for the opportunities? Quick guess; the internet? Again, reporting reports report that the internet is one of the primary resources for job-seekers. Everywhere.

But are you really getting all the internet has to offer? Probably not. There’s this thing; it’s called the dark web. With this thing’s existence, it can be asserted that the greater percentage of people hasn’t fully exhausted the internet’s capabilities to get you opportunities. This is to say that whether or not you get a job from the opportunities you come across in the internet, fully depends on you.

What? You thought we were talking about how to get job opportunities from the dark web?

We can’t talk about that without talking of you being solely in charge of your job-searching outcomes, now can we?

Anyway, the role of the internet in job-searching is pretty simple. It merely gives you the information on the opportunities. Whether or not you get the job is solely on you. And when we talk about the internet here we’re including social media as well. Banking on the internet to get you a job is like waiting for a driving license to get you a car. When you get the opportunity, how you write your CV matters as much and so does how you write the cover letter, application letter, and attend the interview.

With that said therefore, the internet does not determine whether you get a job. Neither is it the only resource you have to help you get a job. Apart from searching for jobs on the internet, you can as well get newspapers, go to summits and network. Network, network and network. Your contacts are the source of any opportunity that could come your way.

However, like the dark web, there’s a hidden side of job vacancies, postings and opportunities. There are those that don’t get posted. Since there is nothing new under the sun, there exist certain individuals who don’t really post vacancies to job sites yet they need employees. Certain companies are too busy ‘making it’ they don’t have time to start the tedious hiring process. It therefore remains your role to play to get hold of such opportunities. One way you could get to know of them is through your networks; people who could be working in such companies. Another way is through recruitment agencies. Get to know of legitimate recruitment agencies around and sign up if possible. It is one other way of getting job opportunities and possibly a job as well.

Be on the lookout. Get to know of every opportunity that could give you access to a job opportunity. The vicious animal called unemployment is roaming around waiting for someone to devour. Explore all opportunities, and we could be well on our way to reducing the country’s unemployment rate.

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