How To Nurture Corporate Relationships

So our previous post  tackled corporate relationships and their importance and in a nutshell stated that relationships last longer than careers do. Interesting as it sounds, it is actually true, from whichever aspect you would look at it; whether relationships in general or just corporate relationships. (I know some may want to debate that, and as much as I would love to indulge, let’s first get done with what brought us here)

Let’s talk corporate relationships. So; it has been so determined that it is not fair to tell tales about corporate relationships and how important they are, without really giving pointers on how to nurture them; seeing as some of us find it hard maintaining normal relationships in the first place (truth be told). Just a heads-up, please read our previous blog post to get the gist of what we’re talking about here and flow with it.

So how to nurture corporate relationships, 101☺:

First; Awareness. I think in the first place you should actually be aware that relationships are important. You can’t strive to maintain something you don’t believe in. It will all be fake and probably come crumbling down on you one day. Be mindful of relationships and that they are important, then go ahead and find out how to nurture them. It will be easier for you then. “You become what you believe”, Oprah said.


Know the boundaries

Second; Know the boundaries. Key point in almost all relationships; and especially corporate ones. Know the boundaries between what to share and what not to. What you can tell your colleagues and what will be none of their business. When to stand up to colleagues and superiors cause your personal life is in turmoil and you just want to throw tantrums, and when to take a deep breath and suck it all in. Yes you want to nurture a relationship with them but no you don’t want to mix personal life and business. You don’t want to mix business and pleasure, personal and professional. Set the boundaries, if you want to nurture successful corporate relationships.


Third; Bring something to the table. It is a relationship that could be potentially beneficial. Actually, you want it to be beneficial; that’s why we’re all here. Your partners/people you intend to be in relationships with should know that you’re dependable. That they can count on you. Do something for them just because. Go the extra mile once in a while. It will owe you a favour one day when you’ll really need a fluke. And not just that, but that will be the strong foundation you’re building for that successful relationship.

Fourth; Keep in touch. I believe this should come without saying or writing for this matter. You have to keep in touch. How else do you expect to maintain a relationship without communication? Telepathy? Relationships 101; Communicate! New ideas. Advice for tough work situations. Visions. Missions. Learning experiences. Anything relevant and appropriate. Communicate, if you want to nurture and maintain a relationship. Again, emphasis on relevant and appropriate things to talk about.

Relationships are part of what determine business opportunities that come your way. They determine the contracts you get and those you win. They determine the kind of deals you make and those you seal. Relationships determine the job offers and opportunities that could otherwise be sheer luck to come by; and I can attest to that. They are the foundation of life and corporate relationships are as important as your career is. Be deliberate and strategic on the way you cultivate meaningful relations.

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