Relationships Last Longer Than Careers Do

Relationships at work are important. Yes they are; and before you dispute that, please, read on.

Relationships are the foundation of everyday life. We live and thrive solely because of relationships we form with others. No man is an island, they said, and don’t we agree?

Corporate relationships, in my view, are equally as important. To clear the air however, I don’t mean workplace relationships or personal relationships at work. (Those directly affect a worker’s ability to succeed by the way. Studies reveal). The meaning implied here is a positive relationship with co-workers, superiors, and other members of the corporate world. Positive relationships mean ones that could be mutually beneficial, ones whose benefits could be one-sided but still important, and meaningful relationships in general for that matter.

The point here is that we should strive to have meaningful relationships with fellow ‘corporates’. Here’s one practical example where meaningful relationships come in handy:

Ever watched a movie? Okay yes definitely, cause we’re in the 21st century, but have you ever heard of people calling in favours to each other? For instance, an ex-police officer, who’s now a private investigator and needs to investigate a case they know their previous colleagues worked on and could have information on. Typically, they could carry on and gather their own fresh data, but that would take days. They could however also call in a favour from their previous colleagues, ask for the information they have on the case, and spare their time.

Now, this is just a practical example from people following scripts, but it definitely also applies to real life. People occasionally need favours for instance between departments in an organization, and like in the instance above, it would obviously be impossible where there was no prior relationship between the parties. How would one possibly call in a favour from a typical stranger?

One could also strive to maintain a good relationship with superiors, and this would also definitely come in handy. Take for instance our previous article (which you can read here). Do you see how relationships with superiors can be important? You might want to quit your job for certain reasons, then want to go back working for the same organization again later. How handy would a relationship with them come in then? If you had gone the extra mile to maintain a relationship with them even after you had left, then thumbs up for you.

We also need not be told that good relationships with co-workers make the workplace more enjoyable now, do we? In addition, positive relationships are a key to success in any job. It stands to reason therefore that corporate relationships are important and fostering beneficial relationships at work could serve as a hinge to your career success in the corporate world.

“Establish and maintain good working relationships with co-workers. You don’t have to be friends with everyone, but you do have to be friendly.”

David Kariuki, CEO The Glowbal Group East Africa

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