Building Networks by Investing in What You Do

“If you want to grow your career, invest in networks.”

If you had a dime for every time you heard that phrase or something related to it, what car would you be driving right now? What if I told you, if you want to grow your network invest in what you do?

The typical introvert gets turned off by words like socializing, going out there to meet new people, networking, etc., while such excite extroverts. They totally enjoy meeting new people, socializing and networking. It’s their cup of tea. It’s what they live for. But good news for the introvert; you don’t have to be good at networking to build networks. Yes, unfortunately you still need networks; for successful career endeavours, to help you grow your business, to provide pathways for exciting opportunities, etc. You however don’t need to attend every event to build networks. Rejoice fellow introverts! There’s hope!

While you do need to invest in networks to grow your career, here’s an example of the contrary. Did anyone know Steve Jobs before he became The, Steve Jobs? Did you? When he was still dropping out of school and quitting jobs, Steve Jobs was not who we now know. But he found his ground and focused on what he was good at to bring out its best version. And look at what it got him; investors, partners, people like you and I reading and writing about him; it got him more networks than he could ever had banking on events and going out there to build networks.

People are drawn to experts and great performers; those who demonstrate potential.  Not only are mentors, sponsors and investors, but also other ‘ordinary people’. People talk about your work and notice what you do if you’re good at it. They will want to earn your respect. They connect you to opportunities in an effort to want to help you and be part of your endeavours. People want to relate to others who are making it. You are being good at what you do and suddenly investors are looking for you, more partnerships, mentors; more networks! Introverts ay?

“Networking can help you achieve great things, but don’t forget that achieving great things helps you build your network.”

You don’t have to go looking for the networking opportunities. I mean, once in a while you need to, but again once in a while you could bring the networks to you. If you can, why not? Just focus on what you are good at, invest in what you do, and you will soon be growing your network faster than the average extrovert can attend all events. Isn’t that good news? You are better off investing in your work to better build network than networking yet not working on anything. Of what benefit would you have to your networks?

“Observe the masses, and do the opposite.”  – random quote 🙂

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