Yes; you read that right. It is exactly as it is; boomerang-ing. But let me spare you the trouble and break it down. So you know a boomerang right? How you throw it and it sort of makes a U-turn and comes back around? Now, when someone behaves like that, like a boomerang, we call it boomerang-ing.

It is when an individual is employed at a certain company X, then leaves the company on whatever grounds and for some reason later decides to go back to the same company X. An instance would be a situation where one is employed, and in the course of employment develops their own start-up and decides to leave employment to focus on their start-up, then some time later for whatever reason decided to go back to the same company to seek employment again. That would be a classic ‘boomerang employee’ (or boomerang-er if you like).

Why would the same company hire you if you left them to work on your own endeavours or better yet to work for another company? A few reasons; first, you were familiar with the company culture and there was an already established relationship. Second, your time away from the company gave room for new ideas, creativity, concepts and insights. Third, you may come back to the company with potential customers and lastly, if you’re lucky, your employer understands that employees will not possibly stay on the same career point all their lives but will need to grow and advance themselves. If you are even luckier, they understand that relationships with employees last longer than careers do.

…Relationships last longer than careers do.

People have however become too desperate for jobs that they settle. It has been a tiresome journey to landing yourself that job that you don’t look to other options of advancing or even challenging yourself. You’d rather not lose the job. Well, here’s an article giving you the possibility of boomerang-ing. If you really feel you landed yourself a job jackpot or whatever, but still think you’ll need to go advance yourself more, pursue other things or have to leave because it is not challenging enough for you, then go ahead. Keep an open mind.

However, before everything comes crumbling down on you and you start pointing fingers, remember:

If you have to leave or when you leave, please do yourself a favour and leave on good terms. Don’t try to force your way if they refuse to let you go. Wisely try to resonate with them. Do everything you can to leave on good terms with your employers.

Make sure you are a top performer. Logically, employers will not re-hire you if you were not a good employee. Before you even think of boomerang-ing, make sure you are one of the company’s top performers. When you want back in, your employers will have no problem because your presence will be to their gain. You will easily have your position back.

And last but not least, if you’re thinking of boomerang-ing, try as much as possible to maintain a relationship with your employers. If you are going to need them in future, then it comes without saying that you’re going to have to have a relationship with your employers so as to help ease your way back in.

And with that said, feel free to boomerang your way out of your job, to encourage a friend to boomerang too, and to add the word boomerang-ing to your dictionary as well!

Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.  -Steve Jobs

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